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30 – 35 km

500 m

3-4 ORE


This tour is suitable both for people who do not usually use the bike and also for those who use it regularly, the former will be able to use electric bikes and the latter will be able to use road bikes. The route is a classic example of the Sardinian plain made of ups and downs, it does not have large altitude obstacles just a couple of short climbs of just under 1.5 km each. The route develops on secondary roads that cross the classic Gallura stazzi to reach the first panoramic point, where you can take some photos; the background is that of the archipelago of La Maddalena on the north east side of Sardinia. Continuing on the secondary roads in the opposite direction, you arrive at the second panoramic point this time on the north west side of the island, where you can admire one of the famous beaches of our coast. After some photographic shots we head towards Santa Teresa our starting point.

The route may undergo changes depending on the weather conditions.

In the price are included:


electric and muscle mountain bikes subject to availability

Rc Insurance

Professional guide

We offer the pick up service from the receptive facilities, ask for a quote


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