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1. VEHICLE CONSIGNEE: The vehicle is provided with all equipments and authenticated copy of documents that Renter must
custody under law prescriptions. Driving the vehicle is allowed only to people older than 18 years old in case of motorcycles and 25
years old in case of cars only if owning and showing a valid and original driving licence for the category chosen issued at least since
one year. It is possible renting cars to people younger than 25 and older than 21 years old paying the “young driver” supplement.
Vehicle is rented to customer with the purpose that he will personally use it assuming himself all the risks and responsibility in case
of conduction of other person also for consequences of art. 116 comma XII of Italian Street Code about conduction without driving
licence. The vehicle is delivered in a perfect working order, with documents and all declared accessories required by law and for its
normal use (helmets, lockers and back case for scooters; the emergency triangle, security waistcoat, a spare tyre for cars) and any
other accessories reported on page 1 of rental agreement contract. Customer must immediately communicate and anyway within
30 minutes from rental, any defect he will detect and in any moment it will present something during rental period. Lack of
communication of hidden defects will make customer responsible of any damage with relative consequences.
2. CIRCULATION OF VEIHICLE – Customer is authorised to circulate only in Sardinia, outside of these borders circulation must be
authorised from the hirer and missing it the vehicle will be considered as theft with economic and penal consequences. Customer is
responsible of normal circulation of vehicle, its correct use and its ordinary maintenance. In case of necessity of road assistance
customer must contact the hirer or all the expenses will be charged to him. The lessor will be not responsible of anything occurring
during rental period and every fines, tolls or ticket received concerning rental period, will be imputed to the customer. In case Renter
do not communicate to Lessor the existence of a fine or not payed ticket, the hirer is authorised to charge without any notice the
correspondent due amount from customer’s credit card (Delayed charge agreement) included a supplement of 50€ + VAT as
administrative handling costs.
3. USING CONDITIONS – Customer has any right of propriety on rental vehicle and accessories. Sub-rent is not permitted under
any case. Furthermore customer can not use the vehicle for: a) pull or push other vehicles or things, b) for races, competitions or
tests in circuits or roads, c) under effects of alcoholic drinks, drugs, narcotics or any other substance that can compromise the
normal conscience and reaction capacity; d) against any custom laws and any other circulation prescriptions; e) to circulate in
private areas or closed to traffic; f) from a person who gave false identity and informations regarding his generalities; g) to act
against laws. Renting the vehicle customer is obliged to a) driving personally the vehicle, taking care of it and its included
accessories and respecting all law prescriptions; b) to guarantee the correct normal use and security of vehicle during rental time; c)
avoid that third parts will pretend anything from Rentame di Maurizio Sini for transported goods or due to damage or
inconveniences of vehicle; d) refund the Rentame di Maurizio Sini for any expenses, included legals charges, due to any reason to
solve any pecuniary obligation not corresponded by customer, added by administrative costs; e) using lockers and any safety
system furnished even in closed and controlled areas.
4. ITALIAN TRAFFIC RULES – Customer declares to know all local traffic regulation laws and the Rentame di Maurizio Sini
explained principal rules included helmets regulation and speed limits.
5. INSURANCE COVER OF VEHICLE – Customer declares to know, accept and respect conditions of insurance policy. Rented
vehicle is covered by insurance on civil responsibility that covers damages to third parts and does not cover the driver in case of
fault. In case of damages customer will be charged up to the limit of CDW and of the vehicle value established and written on the
contract. For motor-vehicles damages occurred without collision, customer must pay charges up to vehicle value written in contract.
In case of theft/fire, partial or total, custom is obliged to immediately denounce it to local authorities and to consignee within 24h
from the fact, the original copy to the Rentame di Maurizio Sini. Rental fee must be corresponded even for days not used due to
theft/fire. Limited charging policy is not valid in case of not giving keys back and customer must pay the total value of vehicle to
current listed price included administrative charges.
6. ACCIDENTS – In case of any accident customer is obliged to communicate it immediately to Rentame by phone. Customer must
ask police assistance and eventually denounce it if necessary. He also must obtain all datas of witness and other vehicles involved,
or anyway obtain all necessary informations to determinate the responsibility of accident. Furthermore customer is obliged to
transmit to Rentame di Maurizio Sini within 24h from the accident, a detailed written description on the sheet (CID) included with
documents. Last, customer will cooperate with Rentame di Maurizio Sini, its insurance and its legal for any further occurrence even
before any Authority or Court.
7. RETURNING OF VEHICLE – Parts decided at rental moment about date and time of consignee and customer will respect
what agreed. Every modifies must be decided in advance and previous accordance with Good Mood Cycling di Maurizio Sini.
Delay in consignee is tolerated with a maximum of 29 minutes, then another day of rent will be charged plus 25% considering also
eventual charges due foe expenses or loss of charges up to a maximum of 200€ per day till date of consignee. The hirer can close
the contract in any time and take possess of vehicle in case of violation of agreed conditions, without refunding customer. In any
case customer will return vehicle in any moment the Rentamedi Maurizio Sini will required it in any way. Object forgotten in the
vehicle are considered as abandoned and the Rentame di Maurizio Sini is not obliged to custody them and to give them back. The
customer is responsible of the vehicle till someone of Rentame di Maurizio Sini will take it back; in case he will consignee vehicle to
third person or in closing time, damages occurred will be imputed to customer and they will be charged.
8. DAMAGE RESPONSABILITY – Customer will return the vehicle and its accessories in the same conditions he has received for
this reason he will integrate any missing part and pay for every damage unless its normal use. In particular, customer is obliged to
refund damages caused by a wrong kind of fuel and damages due to repairing interventions made by customer without expressed
written permission of Rentame di Maurizio Sini or consequences due to circulation of vehicle in spite of present troubles or
damages without the immediate consignee of it. In case of punctures of tyres customer must change it on his charge. Returning
vehicle with repaired tyres is not permitted. In case there will be found any damage of any nature, the Good Mood Cycling di
Maurizio Sini is authorised to charge without notice, the correspondent amount on customer credit card (Delayed Charge
Agreement). Inner part of vehicle, damages for nature elements or for vandalism acts are not covered by limited insurance, so as
any event due to customer fault. In case of leaving keys inside the vehicle locked, all the expenses to open it (transport to
mechanic, glasses, new key block, key copies etc.) will be charged to customer with no exceptions. Driving in unpaved roads is
forbidden and damages caused by vegetation as scratches or others is consider as negligence and charged with no limits of CDW.
In case of accident, theft, fire or any damage and the customer will ask for replacing a new vehicle, the Rentame di Maurizio Sini
could not substitute it for right cause closing the contract and in any case of customer fault there is not returning money for the
unused missing days. Any expenses for repairing or maintenance the vehicle must be previously authorised and invoiced to
Rentame or will not be refunded.
9. LIMITED RESPONSABILITY OF Rentame di Maurizio Sini – In law limit prescriptions, the Rentame di Maurizio Sini can not be
responsible and customer renounce for himself and his heirs to pretend any refund for damages due to vehicle use to himself or
third persons, for loss or damages to objects owned by customer or for damages or inconvenient resulted by delay in consignee,
breakages or other matters out of Rentame di Maurizio Sini control.
10. WAY OF PAYMENT – Payment can be done cash or by credit card and must be in advance. In case of, for any reason payment
will not be in advance, it anyway must be done at contract end when returning the vehicle.

11. PENALTY – Keys must be returned, in case of loss or theft or even only a damage that will compromise normal use, customer
will pay a charge of 250€. Loss or damage of original documents will have a charge of 180€ in case of scooter 50cc and 350€ for
other vehicles. Loss, theft or damage of plates will have a cost as per loss of original documents. In case of extraordinary cleaning
of vehicle, the Renter will be charged with a supplement starting from 50€. The abandon of vehicle will have a penalty of 2000€ with
eventual more loss. All accessories must be returned and in case of missing some, it will be charged at the cost of market price.
12. SERVICES AND UTILITIES – Price of rent includes following services and utilities: 1 homologated helmet, antitheft system, fuel
to be refilled at same level of consignee unless it will be charged missing fuel cost with a supplement of 25€ for service cost. Rental
cost includes 100km per day for scooters and 120km for cars (unless differently written). Over this limit it will be charged 0,45€ per
Road assistance for scooter (in case of not fault of customer) is free within 20km from rental point. In case of customer fault it will be
calculate a supplement of 50€ + VAT for the service added by 1,45€+VAT per each km made to reach the vehicle and bring to a
mechanic assistance point. Road assistance for cars will have a cost from 150€ depending on distance. In case of transfers of
customer, the service will be charged depending on distance. The vehicle may have a localisation system and Customer authorise
the Lessor or other subject instructed to monitor it unconditionally.
13. MODIFICATIONS AND CONTRACT RENEWAL – Any modification to present contract can not be made neither can be proof
without a written act signed by both parts. Present contract can be renewed only with a new written contract.
14. COMPLAINTS -Any possible complaint must be sent in writing within 20 days after end of rental.
15. CLOSING CLAUSES – Everything not expressed in the contract will be disposed by Civil Code and current laws. If any of
contract point would be invalid, it does not invalid other provisions.
16. TERRITORY RELEVANT COURT -Any legal action arising from the rental agreement will be brought exclusively before the
relevant Court of Tempio.
17. ELECTION OF LIVING PLACE OF PRESENT CONTRACT – Customer declares under his own responsibility that living
address written in contract agreement is correct and every communication or notify can be transmitted to that address and any
modify must be written to Rentame di Maurizio Sini.
18. OBBLIGATIONS OF SIGNER – The person who sign the contract in name or for other person and/or society, will personally
respond for assumed obligations to Renatme di Maurizio Sini.
19. LANGUAGE – In case of dissimilarity with Italian version, this will consider as a mere translation and italian will be valid.
In accordance with the provisions of artt. 1341 and 1342 Civil Code, customer declares to have read and to approve pacts and
conditions on point 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-1-18 and declares as per effects of art. 1469 ss. Civil Code, that all
prescriptions have been checked with attention.

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