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100 – 110 km

1200 – 2000 m

5-7 ORE


Difficult tour for mileage and for the difference in altitude, certainly tiring, but this is the price to pay to be able to admire the most suggestive panoramas in the heart of Gallura. The tour develops mainly on secondary roads characterized by continuous ups and downs but surrounded by the splendid colors and intense scents of the Mediterranean scrub. After the first 30/40 km you reach the first panoramic point and continue to skirt the lake in all its perimeter, thus managing to grasp and admire its total beauty. For those who want, it will be possible to make a stop to visit a site of great naturalistic interest and visual impact: that of the millenary olive trees. According to experts’ estimates, the age of these trees is around 3000/4000 years, making them among the oldest in Europe. Leaving the olive trees behind us, we will travel about 300 meters of white road, then return to the asphalt and begin a climb of about 10 km in almost no traffic. Upon arrival, at the top of the climb, a short stop to refresh ourselves and eat something, after having drawn a little breath, going downhill for a few kilometers, and then returning to the starting point. The route may undergo changes depending on the weather conditions.


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